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Work-Place Investigations

We pride ourselves on the quality and detail of our internal investigations here in Utah. We investigate all matters related to employment whether or not they be complaints made internally such as to Human Resources with a public or private entity, including claims of sexual harassment, race, disability, age, maternity discrimination, as well as investigations related to potential criminal or racketeering activity including embezzlement and fraud and other potential civil liabilities within the workplace.

With public entities we know how to handle civil rights actions  and potential liabilities with federal lawsuits under 1983 claims. We know the additional rights that public employees have in the workplace compared to private employees and possible liabilities entities may face based on a specific incident or future incidents based on how things are . 


We also do internal investigations or audits without a complaint or without an incident to ensure that the current internal structure and atmosphere of the business is adequate if a complaint is filed and the company knows how to properly handle the situation. We can help businesses deter the potential liability that may come from a lawsuit before they happen.


We stay neutral and base our findings only on the facts to ensure a fair assessment is made to both sides. A fair report is necessary to ensure the business and the employee understand the strengths and weaknesses of a claim and help the parties better know what actions need to be taken as a result of a complaint to resolve and or deter any future incidents from occurring.

Business consultations on employment

We would love to talk to you about your business and its current environment. The best way to avoid liability is to have a plan to mitigate any risk before it happens. It is a complex approach. It is something that just can't be taught in a yearly training video or through reading an employee handbook.


Every business is different and there is an approach, attitude and environment that ensures that liability will be reduced. We offer our consultation services to help provide the best employment environment for employers.


Our unique approach and style in consultation also focuses on general business advice coupled with the employees in mind on how to grow one's business. As an employment law firm, we know and see how important and vital employees are to a company and we help businesses ensure that employees are happy and comfortable in the workplace that leads to greater productivity and growth.


A good business that knows how to manage its employees will receive a much greater edge than other competing businesses. We can also help train staff and facilities such as Human Resources and or supervisors and managers as the best methods and approaches to personnel management and risk management. We would love to help your business be employee prepared.

Employee Handbooks

We also help draft employee handbooks for companies. Each company is different in how they do business, their mission plan and the size of their company. We take a unique approach to employee handbooks along with business consultations to help employers know the best way to handle employee relationships and issues in the employee workplace.


How a business handles its employee relationships relates directly to the growth and progress of the business. A lot of employee handbooks have the bare minimum that means little to nothing when it really counts. We ensure that not only the company has an effective employee handbook that relates to the specific needs of the company, but ensure that the proper personnel and training are implemented for the most effective way to address issues and deter liability and growth for a healthy, thriving business.

Non-compete and severance agreements, employment contracts

We also help companies and employers draft non-compete agreements, severance agreements and employment contracts as well as offer advice on those agreements and when they should or should not be implemented. We also help draft and negotiate employment contracts on behalf of employers and offer advice on employment contracts and how they are important in the work-place.


Employment law is one of the most important areas of the law. It affects everyone. It affects their livelihood. It affects businesses. Where you work is where you spend a lot of your awake time. It is your life away from home. What happens at work can impact what happens at home. What happens at home can impact what happens at work.


It is important that there is a healthy environment in both areas at home and at work and there are laws to help ensure that is possible with individuals. We help businesses in Utah ensure they have an environment that helps their employees succeed whether it be with legal training or handbook revisions contract drafting or internal investigations.


We also help employees ensure that their work environment is safe and that they are receiving the proper compensation. We also help ensure and resolve discrimination in the workplace based on gender, sex, race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, maternity status.

The best workplace is a fair happy healthy environment and our goal and mission is to ensure that is the case for everyone and if issues that arise in the workplace don't happen again.




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