Need Utah Child Custody or Divorce papers? We have Whip Kits!

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(The master guide will tell you what kits you need to buy for your case)

Our firm realizes that not everyone wants to or can afford an initial retainer fee for a Family Law Attorney to open a new case. We also realize that even though someone cannot afford a Family Law Attorney or doesn't want to pay big money to pay for one doesn't mean they still don't have an important legal issue.

Our firm wants to make Family Law more economical. For that reason, we use Whip Kits. The Whip Kits are Family Law kits focused on divorce and child custody. There is a lot of paperwork involved in child custody and divorce. If you want to save money to have an attorney advise you and help you with the weightier matters of your case, then download our Whip Kits!

You want to first download our $10 Whip Kit Master Guide. The Whip Kit Master Guide will give you a bird's-eye view of the divorce and or child custody process. We understand that everyone may be at different stages in their case so our guide will better inform you on where you need to go and what Kits you need to download tailored to your case. The Master guide will inform you about all of the divorce documents and how they play their role.

Download our $10 Whip Kit Master Guide to get started on your Utah Divorce Paperwork.

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Each Whip Kit will contain a Whip Guide and Whip Templates. The Whip guide will explain to you the purpose of the documents, add extra information to help you better understand how to fill it out to tailor the document to your needs. It gives tips and advice on what should generally be put on the document and each guide takes you through each template, from top to bottom, step-by-step on how to fill it out.

At the end of each Whip Guide, it will also let you know where to go after you have filled out the document and what documents you should get next. Every case is different, so it offers suggestions on what you should do next in your case. It is kind of like those books that have alternate endings depending on what page you go to.

Also, unlike all of the other online court paper systems, the guides will teach you about the legal process and the purpose and importance of all the documents. At the end, you will be better informed on how to handle your case instead of being lost in the dark. If you went to another online court assistance program for your child custody paperwork, you will most likely fill in a bunch of blanks. Afterwards, you will get a PDF of the documents and they will give you a reams worth of paperwork.

The problem with this is:

#1 You don't know what to do with all the paperwork. A lot of the paperwork you just printed out may not even be necessary depending on how your case goes.

#2 You can't edit the PDF documents, an attorney can't edit them and a judge can't edit them and they look very unprofessional.

#3 You still know nothing about the process from when you started.

Our Templates are in DOCX form. So you will need a computer with Microsoft Word or compatible to fill them out. However, once they are filled out, you can easily e-mail them or come in person to our firm and we can review the documents for you and answer any questions you may have. (YOU MUST FIRST PASS A CLIENT CONFLICT CHECK THOUGH). This is to ensure we aren't giving advice to two opposing parties. If you don't pass our conflict check, we can refer you to another attorney that can review the documents for you.

If you use our Whip Kits, we will review the documents for you at a discounted price. Also, if you want help at a hearing or court date we can represent you. This process will help you get the legal advice and help you need specifically for your case without having to pay the large sum to have an attorney do everything for you.

We know you want to spend money on other things than an attorney and we are fine with that. We are here to help you with what you need for your case.

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