Utah Police Implement new Protective Order System

Utah Police have implemented a new protective order system to help better protect the individuals with a protective order. The purpose of a protective order is to ensure that a person who has been a victim of domestic violence or is in fear of domestic violence is not contacted by the perpetrator.

Usually that means that the perpetrator can't go to the home or business of that individual and cannot contact them through phone, text, e-mail or any kind of social media. Any kind of communication is a class A misdemeanor.

The problem though for victims is that many times when there is a protective order violation, the individual who is charged with a crime typically gets a plea-deal from the prosecutor which results in pleading to a lessor crime.

At times this is a good deal because there are some protective order violations that are worse than others. Some protective orders are violated when the perpetrator is asking on when child visitation can be setup as opposed to the perpetrator showing up at the doorstep of the individual.

In any case, the Utah police department has implemented a new system to screen individuals with protective orders and determine which individuals have a higher rate of "lethality" meaning, whose lives are at most risk.

The police department feels that this process will help save lives as they focus on the individuals who need help the most.

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