Pregnancy in the workplace

Under federal law, women are protected from being retaliated against, terminated and harassed among other things when it comes to pregnancy in the workplace. Despite the legal protections that individuals are afforded and forbidding businesses from such retaliatory actions, the harsh reality is that some businesses do not follow the law.

Because of this, it leads to important ethical questions on what to do when faced with a question from an employer and what the best course of action should be moving forward.

The newest U.S. Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch asked this question in his legal ethics class to talk out with students how and why they would respond to a certain situation. This type of question can be thought-out in any business setting, not just the legal field.

The issue is even though a business does do things that are illegal, it can take quite a while to get an attorney to gather evidence and get it before the labor commission. So the question poised to many individuals, is what do you do if you face not getting a job or getting fired?

aand be to make a final determination if the actions violated federal labor

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