Government Intervention the pursuit of happiness and why a Utah nurse settles case for $500,000

In a case that made national news involving a Utah nurse that was arrested from blocking police authorities from withdrawing blood from a victim in an accident without a warrant, Alex Wubbles, the nurse that was seized and arrested has decided to settle the matter for $500,000.

Ms. Wubbles explained that the reason for the settlement was that she could heal and move on without any further legal intervention. Ms. Wubbles said some of the proceeds of the settlement would go to funds to help with body footage camera and legal aid in a press conference outside the Salt Lake County library.

Salt Lake County will pay $250,000 and University of Utah will pay $250,000 which settles all claims against all defendants in this matter.

In the video footage below, it shows the nurse trying to get guidance on the situation, receiving the policy statement from the hospital and legal guidance on when an police officer can take blood from an individual. At around 19:00 on this footage you can see her explaining the policy and then the police officer lose his patience and arrest the nurse.

Ms. Wubbles should be commended for standing her ground and protecting the privacy and the legal rights of the individual. The 4th amendment of the United States is an important protection to all citizens. The founding fathers of our nation should be recognized in their wisdom in identifying all wrongs and overbearance that a government can do with too much power if it is not in check.

Prior to this, the colonists could have army militia come into their homes and search and seize and quarter in their home whenever they wanted. Essentially with a policy that the kings owns all. The main principle the founding fathers pulled from individuals and philosophers such as John Locke is that a government is made for the people in their righteous pursuit of happiness and charity to other men.

John Locke premised the purpose of man and their happiness as to allow them to do unto others as they would have others do unto them and that a nation would flourish under those principles. He condemned the notion that a certain man or race was entitled to rule other men being a direct descendant of Adam which raised kings and lords with the thought they had an inherent right to serve other people.

In light of that, it is always important for the government to remember that they are public servants. They are there to serve and not to be served. Being a public official does not mean that they claim a throne and allow them to search and seize and quarter in other individual's business without a viable or legal reason to do so.

We have a government that keeps itself in check through a three-branch system. Luckily for us, this matter was quickly curtailed and resolved as it was. Luckily for us, with freedom of speech and access to government information, this matter spread quickly throughout the U.S. and was quickly condemned which is one of the sharpest tools in curtailing and eliminating government abuse.

Even if an individual may have broken the law and made a bad choice also does not mean that they are now worthless to society. Individuals charged with crimes are innocent until proven guilty. Not guilty when they arrest makes the news. Even if they are ultimately found guilty, people can still change. People can learn from their mistakes. There may be circumstances surrounding that individual that explains why they made the choice they did.

Courts and judges are slowly learning this. Judges in the past have had a perception that if a crime is committed that it is time to lock them up and throw the key away. However, through statistics and studies, it shows that this is not necessarily the best way to fix the problem. When they are locked-up, they lose their job.

They hang around other offenders and when they get out, they have no friends, no ability to obtain a job, they have to start their lives over again by scratch with a big chip on their shoulder with their offender record. As a result, prisons are starting to implement programs that help individuals with the transition and make them ready to move forward after their life is completed.

Sitting in a jail cell stripped of your liberty rights doesn't necessarily mean that they will learn their lesson from doing that. It may actually do the opposite and put them in a position where they have nothing to lose when they get out and think they are forever tainted by society for what they have done.

It may be good for the judicial system, the legislative system and the executive system and the public as a whole to remember that a nation flourishes when we do unto others as we would have other do unto us. It seems like a lot of times we have the reverse in mind where we want others to do unto us as we would have them do unto us. With that mindset, it gives all people an out to do reciprocate such actions but demand the action on the other.

Also, with that, no one will do anything for anyone because their is no expectation for the individual. When we do the opposite of what John Locke proposes, then the opposite will happen. There is no pursuit of happiness, there is only pursuit of selfishness. It is selfish to get angry, to get inpatient, to be aggressive, to not listen and to cut corners. When that happens, we are stealing the happiness from others and stealing from others and the nation does not flourish but instead depresses.

I hope that we can all better understand that happiness and the welfare of others and how they are treated no matter what they have done ties intricately into the vital parts of the web of our society.

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