Utah hauls in biggest Methamphetamine bust in history

The Utah police pulled over a vehicle close to 3500 South on I-15 in what they call the biggest drug bust in Utah history. Police say that they received a tip from the Department of Homeland security about the vehicle and subsequently made the stop. They used a K-9 dog to sniff out the drugs and ultimately found a suitcase of methamphetamine in the trunk of the car. Police say that the amount of methamphetamine amounted to 68 pounds which has a street value of $2 million. The driver of the vehicle had several new backpacks and notes of certain stops in Wyoming and Montana where police suspect the individual planned to drop off the backpacks for distribution. More about the story can be read

Multas de transito, ordens de arresto y suspension de licencia.

Multas de tránsito de Utah no se parecen como un gran problema para algunos, seas detenido, que paga su boleto y seguir adelante con su vida. Sin embargo, las multas de tráfico puede llegar a ser un gran dolor y un agujero negro si no se ocupan de ellos. En Utah, decir que un individuo recibe una multa de tráfico. Por alguna razón u otra, se olvidan de pagar el billete. Cuando eso sucede, o que se olvide de asistir a una cita en la corte, el estado de Utah emitirá una orden de no pagar el billete. Así que ahora, cada vez que un oficial de policía está conduciendo alrededor y que tiene una orden de arresto en su contra, pueden escanear su placa de matrícula y que se detuviera para que lo requ

Utah Traffic Tickets, Warrants and License Suspensions

Utah traffic tickets don’t seem like a big deal to some, you get pulled over, you pay your ticket and you move on with your life. However, traffic tickets can end up being a big pain and a black hole if you don’t deal with them. In Utah, say an individual gets a traffic ticket. For some reason or another, they forget to pay the ticket. When that happens, or they forget to attend a court date, the state of Utah will issue a warrant for not paying the ticket. So now, whenever a police officer is driving around and you have a warrant out for your arrest, they can scan your license plate and pull you over for that warrant. What is even more crazy is that a warrant for missing a court date or fai

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