How to respond when pulled over with a concealed weapon

As of late, there have been a lot of animosity toward police officers in the recent events of what has occurred in the Baton Rogue and Minnesota which has led to the tragic event in Dallas. Although individuals are allowed to carry concealed weapons with a permit in the state of Utah and other states, it is important to know how to properly respond when an officer pulls you over when you have a concealed weapon on you. The first thing to know is that there a lot of police officers that are police officers because they like having that power and authority over other people. It is definitely a power job, a police officer has the power to take away someone's liberty, which is in my opinion the

Picked up a DUI in Utah?

What is a DUI? A DUI is essentially defined as an individual who was in actual physical control of a vehicle while under the influence of a controlled substance. So a DUI does not necessarily have to involve alcohol, it can also involve other drugs such any kind of illegal narcotic. If an individual has a prescription for a drug, it might be good to have that subscription on hand when pulled over. Also, if a person is on a drug that is a controlled II substance that they have a prescription for, many of those drugs contain amphetamines, the same ingredient in some of the harder drugs. It's best to get an attorney on board if you have to deal with such an issue like that. Fines and Jail time

What is a Plea in Abeyance (Plea in Obedience) (Plea in Banse) (Plea in / and Chance) (Plea and lose

It seems like this question comes a lot online. It's understandable too. The State of Utah hands these things out like candy. However, right off the bat, I will say that this type of candy may look good on the outside, but it has a nasty inside. It would be in everyone's best interest to contact our firm or some firm (not the prosecutor aka state attorney) and get a consultation before entering a plea agreement like this for each specific case. It is worth the time and money to get legal advice on this. A Plea in Abeyance is an easy way for the State to get convictions with doing little to no leg work. A Plea in Abeyance is a conviction. The person has to plead guilty in order to get the dea

Need Utah Child Custody or Divorce papers? We have Whip Kits!

*Thanksgiving special: Free Master Guide Download ($30 value)* (The master guide will tell you what kits you need to buy for your case) Our firm realizes that not everyone wants to or can afford an initial retainer fee for a Family Law Attorney to open a new case. We also realize that even though someone cannot afford a Family Law Attorney or doesn't want to pay big money to pay for one doesn't mean they still don't have an important legal issue. Our firm wants to make Family Law more economical. For that reason, we use Whip Kits. The Whip Kits are Family Law kits focused on divorce and child custody. There is a lot of paperwork involved in child custody and divorce. If you want to save mone

The First Court Date: Arraignment

This is a podcast in a series describing the criminal process to better help inform people how the criminal process works. This podcast focuses on the arraignment stage which is the first court date. Many people panic at this stage, because a lot of them have never been in court before and it can be intimidating. I give advice on what should be done at this stage and what will happen. This is a general podcast on the criminal proceedings that happen in the state of Utah and throughout the United States. I am not your attorney unless you have been retained by me and this is not legal advice to anyone for their specific charges. If you have questions and need legal advice feel free to contact

Pleading Guilty

The final part of the criminal case has come and it is now time to plead guilty. There are a lot of things that can be discussed when it comes to pleading guilty. First off, if you have not talked to an attorney before pleading guilty I highly highly recommend you contact our law firm and talk to an attorney before pleading guilty to a crime. Even if it is a misdemeanor. Even if you know that you are guilty. Pleading guilty before talking to an attorney can lead to big problems in the future. There may be consequences that the person was not aware of, such as gun rights, immigration rights, the ability to testify in the future, enhanceable crimes, employment, the ability to find housing. The

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