Hostile Work Environment and Anti-Bullying

So far, the laws enacted in the state of Utah and the federal government only involve individuals who were terminated or harassed, or were not hired due to race, age, disability, color, religion or retaliation on an individual for making a claim of such issues in the workplace. So the question is for a lot of people, when the issue isn't harassment based on the above-mentioned classes what remedy is there? Unfortunately, it is a harder road for people in this type of situation. Their aren't a lot of safeguards as federal government and state has created. If there is discrimination based on race, age, disability, religion or retaliation an attorney can help you prepare documents and go throug

The Prosecutor's Role in Filing Charges

Many people are mistaken by the fact that the police officers are the ones that charge individuals. This is a false concept. What I try to tell all my clients is that the police officers are only investigators. Their role is to gather evidence. They also have authority to determine whether or not there is enough evidence to make an arrest or issue a citation. However, once the arrest has been made, the officer writes up a description of what happened, why an arrest was made and then hands the police report to the prosecutor. If it involves a bigger crime that needs more information, it will go to a detective who will further investigate the crime before giving the information to the prosecut

Right to a Plea Agreement in Utah

Plea Agreements are so integral in the criminal defense system today. If it wasn't for plea agreements, the entire criminal system would most likely collapse due to all of the cases being set for trial. As such, plea agreements exist. Plea Agreements allow individuals charged with a crime to "take a deal" meaning, make a plea to usually a lower crime or a promise that certain jail-time or probation will be suspended. That is usually where most cases settle. It is also usually good to have an attorney on board to help with the negotiations of the plea agreements. Many individuals take a plea deal without first consulting an attorney which may lead to their detriment of taking a deal that real

Harrassment and discrimination in Schools

Harassment in schools is something that many communities in the U.S. have tried to take on. There have been more public awareness, commercials and stunts about bullying then there has been in the past. However, despite that, bullying still can prevail in a school environment. Each school has a policy on how to handle a situation like bullying or other types of harassment based on gender, sexual orientation, race, religion and age. The school must be aware of the harassment, meaning that the individual needs to talk to the principal or a teacher so the school is aware of it. Afterwards, the school needs to act on the harassment under their policies. If for some reason they do not act under t

Abogado Criminalista de Utah

Estamos dispuestos a ayudar personas que tengan cargas criminales. El enfoque de Brian en su practica es defensa criminal. Sabemos que muchas veces personas en Utah son extranjeros y tengan problemas de inmigración juntas con las cargas criminales. Sabemos como podemos ayudarle con los dos problemas. Nosotros trabajamos con abogados que enfoquen en inmigración para que tenga ayuda en los dos areas. No importante si usted or alguien de su familia fuera de otro pais. Usted y sus familiares todavia tiene derechos aqui en los Estados Unidos. Con cada persona, el gobierno tiene que seguir las leyes de la constitución para encontrar evidencia y hacer arrestos. Necesita un abogado a su lado que con

Judge throws out right to counsel case

A judge threw out a civil lawsuit that was filed in St. George to the right to counsel. The civil lawsuit was filed in light of a recent report that was released stating that Utah was failing in its ability to represent indigent individuals. As a result, two individuals who had cases pending filed a lawsuit for right to counsel due to their ineffectiveness in representing them. However, the judge how dismissed the case stating that the case is not "ripe" given the fact that both men have not yet been sentenced on their case. There is currently a case pending regarding similar issues with individuals from Tooele and Cache County who had lawsuits filed with the ACLU representing them. More can

Utah Police Implement new Protective Order System

Utah Police have implemented a new protective order system to help better protect the individuals with a protective order. The purpose of a protective order is to ensure that a person who has been a victim of domestic violence or is in fear of domestic violence is not contacted by the perpetrator. Usually that means that the perpetrator can't go to the home or business of that individual and cannot contact them through phone, text, e-mail or any kind of social media. Any kind of communication is a class A misdemeanor. The problem though for victims is that many times when there is a protective order violation, the individual who is charged with a crime typically gets a plea-deal from the pro

Utah Criminal Law Attorney

Cases Handled There are numerous crimes one can be charged with. Our law firm focuses on serious violent crimes to traffic offenses including: 1. DUI's, traffic offenses, license suspensions, minor in possession, probation violations, public intoxication, expungements 2. Theft (See below on explanation of theft charge), robbery, receipt of stolen goods, larceny, credit / debit card fraud, identity theft, shoplifting, trespassing 3. Domestic Violence, disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, protective order violations, hate crimes, child abuse, stalking, harassment, Assault, aggravated assault, battery 4. Drug-related crimes, (possession, distribution), gang-related crimes, drug manufacturing,

We have our Whip Kit promo videos!

We have come out with our Whip Kits and now we want to share them with the world. Everyone deserves to have a good case with professional legal papers and an attorney on their side. With many people, it is just too expensive to have an attorney do all the work. We understand that. We still want to help everyone. For that reason, we have Whip Kits. They are guides, with templates that walk you through the process. It's simple, it's professional and it's affordable. From there, you can save your money for a family law attorney when you need the most and where you need them the most. We want to help with everyone's divorce and child custody case in Utah. (If there isn't a conflict of interest)

Whip Child Custody and Divorce Papers

Need Whip Kits? You can start shopping here! FIRST download the Master Guide below. It will tell you what Kits you will need for your specific case so you can just the paperwork YOU need. Whip Kit Utah Divorce / Child Custody Mater Guide Whip Kit Utah Petition for Divorce (Dissolution of Marriage) Guide and Paperwork Whip Kit Utah Petition for Paternity (Non-married parents) Whip Kit Utah Non-Public Information Guide and Paperwork Whip Kit Filing Fee Waiver Guide and Paperwork Whip Kit Utah Divorce Waiver of Service, 90-day waiting Period, Default Guide and Paperwork (Divorce Only) Whip Kit 90-day Waiting Period Waiver Guide (Divorce Only) Whip Kit Utah Summons guide and Paperwork Whip Kit R

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