The difference between "fire at-will" and "firing at-will"

Most people that work here in Utah know that this state is known for its at-will status. At-will means that both parties, the employer and employee can break the employment agreement at anytime they want. When an employer hires an employee, they make an offer to that person to work for them in exchange for a dollar amount, usually an hourly wage. Employers also usually have employee handbooks that outline the agreement between the parties which usually state that the employee is at-will. So when someone gets fired from their job after getting humiliated and insulted in front of their fellow employees they think that they are out of luck because they were hired at-will. There isn’t a lot of l

Order to Show Cause in Utah

Many people get letters in the mail from the court stating that they have an Order to Show cause hearing they must attend. On the family law side, that hearing is an Order from the judge to show good cause why they are allegedly violating a court order in regards to child support or child visitation or another order listed in a divorce decree or parenting plan. On the criminal side, an Order to Show Cause is for an individual to come to a court hearing and show cause on why he or she violated a term of probation. The State brings in evidence showing that probation has been violated whether it be from the State agency that deals with probation that found the violation or through other sources

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