Military and Defense Major Role in Utah Economy

The Deseret News came out with an article explaining how the the military and defense industry plays a major role here in the american economy:

Freedom of religion in the workplace, government and everywhere else, Part 3

(This is the final article to a three-part series, Part 1 of the series discusses the basic principles of freedom of religion on the constitution, Part 2 of the series discusses why it is important and the history behind the freedom of religion clauses before and after it was enacted, the final Part 3 now discusses the importance of religion in the government and the workplace) In the same vein of racial segregation, many are being taught from a college textbook the opinion that the Supreme Court Opinion of Brown v. Board of education and the opinions and laws that followed was a bad decision and that private corporations should have been weeded out instead by natural selection on how they t

Restaurant Tips on Tips and Wages

One area of concern in regards to labor law that is highly controversial is the minimum wage tip laws across the states. Some states such as Alaska and Washington have laws where a waiter will receive compensation for their work on an hourly basis on top of tips. However, there are many states, Utah included, where if an individual receives a tip, that money is counted toward their hourly rate instead of being what a tip is, a tip. In this article, they argue that making the laws like Washington would decrease labor waiters. However, that is not the problem, the problem is that there is a discrepancy on where the money is going. Many individuals believe that the tip is going directly to the

N.L.R.B. v. COMMUNITY HEALTH SERVICES No. 14-9614. 812 F.3d 768 (2016)

This is a decision that the 10th circuit entered in regards to whether or not packpay is allowed for employees who were injured on the job and thereafter terminated, but the termination was not wrongful. The court in this decision decided to allow the policy decision stand and allow the order in the case for backpay to stand McHUGH, Circuit Judge. I. INTRODUCTION This challenge to the National Labor Relations Board's (the Board) petition for enforcement questions whether the Board may disregard interim earnings when calculating backpay awards for employees whose labor injury falls short of unlawful termination. Respondent Mimbres Memorial Hospital and Nursing Home (the Hospital) argues the B

Utah Overtime Pay

Do you have questions or concerns about your overtime pay here in Utah? This article gives a brief description about overtime pay and where it came from. There are debates in the United State’s Congress about changing overtime pay but for now it stays. If you work more than 40 hours a week and aren’t involved in hiring or firing individuals and a type of managerial position, then you should be entitled to overtime pay. If you have worked more than 40 hours a week and have not received your overtime pay, feel free to contact us and we can go over your case for you.

The Utah Employee Non-Compete Clause

The Utah Business website just came out with an article on what employees and employers in Utah think of non-compete clauses. There are large debates on the Utah Capital right now as to the validity of such clauses. So far, those for the employers are winning. However, despite what some think, there is still a legal standard to see if the non-compete clause is even legal or enforceable. The problem with non-compete clauses is they keep an employer from going to another company that may compete against the company. The issue arises where an individual may not be able to find work elsewhere because of a non-compete clause. Some non-compete clauses are too broad and cast a burden on the employe

Top Utah Attorney response to judge's comments

This post is in response to a story about a Provo judge that made national news about comments he uttered during sentencing. You have to understand the whole purpose of sentencing. This was a two-hour hearing. Both sides bring in parties that can testify to the character of an individual to what they have done in their lives, their employment history, family history, service to the community, how they have dealt with others, how others perceive him, there is no doubt that this judge listened to a long "Nice" part of the Christmas list. The judge has to weigh those mitigating factors in coming to a final determination that he receives from testimony. So he had to acknowledge the "Nice" list.

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