Exempt or non-exempt and overtime pay

One big important question to answer as an employee for a company is whether or not you are an exempt or nonexempt employee for overtime purposes. This is an important question to ask. The problem your company thinks they have already answered that question for you. When employees are on salary, they also with that salary receive some kind of title that includes the word “manager” or “executive.” No matter what the title is, that title still may not fall under the category of whether or not that employee is exempt from receiving overtime benefits, despite a company saying that they aren’t. If you have question whether or not you are exempt contact our firm and we can discuss this with you fu

Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Age discrimination is a real thing. There are many companies that terminate individuals based on their age. However, most companies understand the legal hurdles around discrimination and like all other discrimination cases, they may not come right out and say that someone was discriminated against but the actions and what surrounded the termination all lead to age discrimination. There are many reasons why a company may discriminate against someone based on age. It could be due to that person having different points of view. There are cultural differences in our society between younger and older individuals. There are different viewpoints and norms. Some people grew-up with video games and S

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