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Business is important and our business attorney wants to ensure that your business is protected. Ever since the recession, businesses have started resorting to online legal help for their business needs. This has come to help reduce cost for businesses as it relates to legal fees. Although this may prove well in the short-term, in the long-term this may result in a bigger liability against the company.

Business agreements and contracts


The issue can arise from the partnership or corporate government agreement and powers that the entity has drafted and that the individuals may not fully understand as it relates to its terms and powers and how it affects the company, shareholders and executives. This also relates to employment contracts or other contracts with other entities.


The most important part of a business is its governing powers and our attorneys will help ensure that such corporate agreements and or partnership agreements best help fit the needs and purpose of the entity and also help resolve issues most effectively that may arise in the future.


It is important to at least have an attorney review a contract you may have drafted or you may be planning on entering into before signing. Many contracts today lack the protection and legal terms for most individuals. This is especially true if the individual did not draft the contract.


The contract is usually drafted to protect the entity that signs the contract. However, this can also lead to issues as to enforceability as to the terms of the contract if they are so favorable to one individual or another. Our business attorneys can  help review and draft a contract that is legally binding and also ensure that it is enforceable in a court of law.


Our attorneys can also ensure that any agreement is enforceable against them and advise whether or not it is best to enter into such an agreement or to help individuals negotiate a better agreement with terms that better protect them. This can also include issues such as non-compete clauses and trade secrets as to the employment setting.


These agreements can be crucial to one’s livelihood and we can help determine whether or not such an agreement is enforceable or how it would applicable to an individual as it relates to Utah non-compete laws.


Such terms need to be within the bounds of the law as it relates to what they are trying to protect, the asset of the employee they are trying to keep from competing and their knowledge and training and the geography they are trying to keep the employee from competing in.


We can also review terms and services as to websites to ensure that your website is fully protected from any liabilities and privacy concerns that may arise out of the website.


Employee Handbooks

We also have a focus on employment law and we can also do a comprehensive review of an employee handbook for an entity to ensure the terms and conditions are proper to protect the entity. However, we also have unique insight as it relates to employees and their rights and their purpose with the entity. Our attorney can help provide proper guidance as to the employee handbook and what the company is trying to accomplish.


There are techniques and methods that can be implemented that make a company properly compete against other companies as it relates to happy and productive employees, all of which hinge on how the company conducts is business under the employee handbook. We can help give proper business advice on how a company can handle its employees in such settings and ensure that the business is also properly protected from any legal liability at the same time.

Copyright, trademark and trade secret law

















Also, one main focus we have as a law firm is copyright, trademark and intellectual property law. We know how important it is to protect your legal rights to copyright and trademark protection. What you create is how you gain money. What you create is legally yours and there are laws that protect individuals from infringing on those rights. We help provide comprehensive advice as it relates to creating, forming, protecting and defending one’s copyrights and intellectual property.


We can help provide advice on the differences on copyright and trademark protection, what the law allows and what can be done to ensure that no one in the future infringes on your copyrighted work and how to respond when one actually does infringe or claim that you are infringing on their copyright. Some of these cases and be very complex and become very expensive if there is an actual infringement.


The United States has one of the best and comprehensive legal framework and enforcement as to Copyright law. This can include injunctions while a case is pending which may affect one’s business. We also advise as it relate to trade secrets which is part of the intellectual property scheme but has different laws and methods related to how one can protect a trade secret.


Contact our office now to see how we can further help your company and protect its interests.

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Creating a business is a big undertaking and we are here to help guide you through the process to ensure that you are fully protected legally and understand what the best path to take is to help your company as it starts to grow.


We offer a number of services whether it be legal consulting, contract review or revision, terms of service review or revision, help with intellectual property and copyright, employee handbooks, employment law consulting, helping you create your legal entity and much more.



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