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Employment Law Advocacy

Employment law deals with various areas including wrongful termination based on discrimination of a protected class including race, religion, disability, ethnic origin, age, maternity, gender and sexual harassment. Our employment lawyer also deals with retaliation for reporting misconduct such as loss in job promotion or benefits, harassment and hostile work environment or based on an with a protected class. We also focus on lost overtime and help individuals and companies determine if employees are exempt employees from overtime use or not as some employees aren’t exempt but don’t get paid overtime.


We can help employees and employers ensure that their rights and interests are protected and review your case to determine what are the best options for you moving forward with your legal matter. These cases can be very complex given the high-amount of factual detail they can contain spanning over a high-amount of time. However, we ensure that we give each case the time and attention they deserve to make sure that your best interests are protected. These cases can also be harder to prove than other types of civil claims.



Work-place Discrimination


As to discrimination, the individual must show that the discrimination was motivated at least in part by a protected class. Many times discrimination can be subtle and many circumstantial factors are needed to prove work-place discrimination. This can include whether or not other were treated differently in the work-place, for the better or for the worse. This can also include whether or not certain promotions or benefits or disciplinary action is treated the same as to other instances. Our employment attorney can also help navigate the complexities as it relates to those claims.


Harassment in the work-place can also lead to a claim but the harassment has to be so adverse and pervasive, that it as a result alters the terms and conditions of employment. Meaning, that in discrimination claims, you must prove adverse action as to your employment. As a result, harassment must be to pervasive and adverse and severe that the severity thereof changes the terms and conditions of employment as it relates to a safe working environment.









Unpaid wages and overtime


Wage pay and overtime issues are can also be complicated cases. The issue can hinge on whether or not that particular position is considered an “exempt” or “non-exempt” position. Meaning, was the employee a person that fell under the category of exempt from overtime pay or not as to duties and responsibilities. Sometimes there may be an overreach as to duties and responsibilities to avoid paying employees overtime pay. Our employment attorney can help you determine whether or not you may or may not have a valid claim as it relates to overtime pay and wages.




























Public employee procedure 

There are also other Utah law employment issues that may arise in the workplace, including workplace investigations and administrative reviews and procedures. We deal with administrative reviews and procedures as it relates to public employment at both the state and federal level. Public employees can have more rights to their employment than as it is tied to their right to property under the constitution.


As a result, there are certain procedural safeguards that need to be kept in place before an individual can adversely affect one’s employment.

Other civil issues

There are other civil issues that can arise within the workplace for employment law such as slander / libel and defamation claims that relate to a company defaming an individual’s good-name and reputation. There are also claims as it relates to injurious falsehood and intentional interference with economic relations. Our employment attorney ensures that all rights are safeguarded and that there is a proper remedy for any violation of any civil, federal or state rights as it relates to Utah employment law.


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Employment law is one of the most important areas of the law. It affects everyone. It affects their livelihood. It affects businesses. Where you work is where you spend a lot of your awake time. It is your life away from home. What happens at work can impact what happens at home. What happens at home can impact what happens at work.


It is important that there is a healthy environment in both areas at home and at work and there are laws to help ensure that is possible with individuals. We help businesses in Utah ensure they have an environment that helps their employees succeed whether it be with legal training or handbook revisions contract drafting or internal investigations.


We also help employees ensure that their work environment is safe and that they are receiving the proper compensation. We also help ensure and resolve discrimination in the workplace based on gender, sex, race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, maternity status.

The best workplace is a fair happy healthy environment and our goal and mission is to ensure that is the case for everyone and if issues that arise in the workplace don't happen again.




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